At Pacific Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, we learn from each other and from guests invited to speak to us.

Sunday Services (except summer, see Discussions):

  • The second Sunday of each month, Reverend Ketcham delivers the sermon on a topic of current interest.
  • One Sunday a month we invite a representative of a local or state social action organization to speak to us:.  Recent speakers:
    • Katie Volke from North Coast Land Conservancy,
    • Cara Shufeldt from Rural Organizing Project
    • Gideon For-Mukwai
    • Pyper Powell from Clatsop Behavior Health
    • Speaker from The Harbor
  • One Sunday a month, we invite another Unitarian Universalist minister to speak to us.  Recent speakers:
    • Dave Maynard
    • Carol McKinley
    • Amy Beltaine
  • Other regular Sunday speakers come from the Fellowship membership or a service is participatory in nature.
  • On the months that have five Sundays, the fifth Sunday is dedicated to Music and the Arts.


  • Two Sundays a month, usually the first and third Sundays, after the service (about 12:30) we hold a discussion group about a pre-announced topic.  Recent topics have been:
    • Emergency Preparedness, lead by Mayor Arline LaMear,
    • Disabled People’s Needs, lead by Anne Maltby,
    • Human Morality lead by Dave Ambrose,
    • When do we call it a lie?  lead by Tod Lundy,
    • History and Economics:  Frank Logan
  • Sundays from mid-June through Labor Day we have discussions instead of a sermon during the service on topics that are chosen by the congregation.  Topics for the summer of 2017:
    • June 18: Connections: How are we connected? Physically, to the world, to each other? Presented by Dave Ambrose
    • June 25:  Jesism: The philosophy which focuses on the teachings attributed to Jesus. Presented by Michael Rowe
    • July 2:  Atheism: What does it mean to you. How many kinds of atheism are there? Presented by Tod Lundy
    • July 9:  Politics and PUUF: What is the role of political discussion in a religious setting? Presented by Kit Ketcham & Frank Logan
    • July 16:  Hispanic Immigrants are Facing Many Challenges: How Can We Help? Presented by Arline LaMear
    • July 23:  Title IX: Why is it so important to women and girls.  Presented by Karen Beck
    • July 30:  Assisted Suicide: Pros and Cons, personal feelings. Open
    • August 6:  My unique concept of God: We will explore each of our beliefs regarding God. Presented by Tod Lundy
    • August 13:  Spirituality and PUUF: Unitarian Universalist Spirituality and its many manifestations.  Presented by Kit Ketcham &  Peggy Bondurant
    • August 20:  Science and Spirituality: Are there conflicts between them. If so what are their scope?  Presented by Mahlon Heller
    • August 27:  Utopias in America: Artist colonies and others of the past & present. And what is your idea of an utopia. Presented by Carole Elder
    • September 3:  How does one “follow your bliss”: As. Joseph Campbell suggests.? Presented by Mahlon Heller


Potlucks: From September through June, every second Sunday of the month we hold a potluck lunch in the Masonic Lodge across 16th street from the PAC.  This is a chance to meet other members and friends of PUUF in an informal setting and is an important part of our community.

Happy Hour: On the second Thursday of each month many of us meet at the Ft. George Brewery at about 5 p.m. just for fun!

Peninsula Koffee Klatch:  on the second Saturday of each month, folks from the north end of our parish meet at a local spot for coffee and conversation.  To find out more, email Rev. Kit Ketcham (

Tillamook County UUs:  On the third Saturday of each month (except June, July, and August), folks from the far south end of our parish meet for brunch at the Bayway Eatery in Nehalem.  To find out more, email Rev. Kit Ketcham (


Touchstones -- Weaving Deeper Meanings

The Touchstones Project:

We recently signed up to participate in the UUA Touchstones Project for the coming year.  From the Touchstones Project literature:

  • The theme for 2017-2018 is Reimagining the Common Good. This theme is compelling given the challenges that we face as a country. This reimagining involves concentric circles that include the individual, family, congregation, community, nation, and world. What is the common good for each and all?
  • Notions of the common good vary widely. The continuum stretches from an assumption that what is good for one is good for all to visions of a common good that is universal and integrated. The areas for conflict arise as the rights and values of individuals and narrow constituencies collide and compete with the needs of larger and more diverse groups. Reimagining the Common Good is a vital “big tent” undertaking given the wide range of specific “goods” that merit consideration.

This project provides monthly themes, suggested material for discussions and services, and a monthly journal that will be provided electronically to all members of PUUF.

A sample of the monthly journal in .pdf form (requires Adobe Reader) is on this Sedona UU website

The UUA description of the project is at this link

The list of monthly sub-topics within the theme “Reimagining the Common Good” are on this page taken from the Touchstones Project Flyer

 Children’s Program Click on this link for information about Sunday School for the children of the Fellowship.