Sunday service

On Sundays during the service we hold a “Children’s Moment” where the children go up to the stage and the speaker for the day reads a short story. Then the children go downstairs for the rest of the service with their teachers.


The 7 children’s principles

  1. Each person is important
  2. Be kind in all you do
  3. We’re free to learn together
  4. Search for what is true
  5. All people need a voice
  6. Build a fair and peaceful world
  7. We care for Earth’s lifeboat

These principles are what we expose the children using material from their own real life experiences, and through studying world religions.


Children’s Garden

Thanks to the generous donation of lumber from Home Depot, and the dedicated work of PUUF member Forrest Duggan, our children will grow vegetables this summer in the lot next to the PAC. The produce will be donated to a Food Bank.  Last year the children’s garden produced almost 300 pounds of produce for the food bank.  During the summer adult volunteers are watering and tending the garden.

Stop by to see how this wonderful project is progressing!