Pacific Unitarian Universalist Fellowship PUUF 820 Alameda Avenue Astoria - Oregon
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PUUF Board: 2015 - 2016
Cameron Brister
Vice President:
Michael Rowe
Kate Summers
Peggy Coreson
At Large:
Craig Holt
Team Leaders:
Kit Ketcham
Michael Rowe
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Craig Holt
Sunday School:
Connie Moore
Kathy & Tim Robertson
The Larger Movement:
Unitarian Universalist
Pacific NW District
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PO Box 1319
Astoria, OR 97103
Sunday Services are held weekly thoughout the year at 11:00 a.m. with a social hour to follow.
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Join us downstairs for informal summertime discussions.
July 24
Tod Lundy (leader): What is Truth, what is a lie and what is in between? White lie, exaggeration. Error, intent to mislead. Arab concept.
Cecilia & Doug Balcomb will provide refreshments.
July 31
Connie Moore (leader): Dumbing Down of Public Education: removal of math beyond arithmetic from public schools.
Susy Hylkema will provide refreshments.
August 7
Brian Hannula (leader): Chaos Theory. A relook at chaos, not the boogieman but fertile soil of being time.
Kit Ketcham will provide refreshments.
August 14
Rev. Kit Ketcham leads an Animal Blessing exercise and discussion.
Adriana Guerrero & Veja Lahti will provide refreshments.
August 21
Christine Yeigh (leader): Marijuana as a cancer treatment and the FDA's refusal to do double blind research on its effectiveness.
Peggy Coreson will provide refreshments.

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