URGENT ACTION: Oregon’s Clean Air law under attack!



You may have already seen this alert, but, please do contact your legislators.  Oregon’s existing and successful low carbon fuel standards are threatened to be gutted in legislative wrangling over the proposed transportation package.  To accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, we need all three.  The CleanEnergyBill provides the overall market based framework for this transition over the next 30 years.  Over that time it will contribute an estimated $500 million annually to transition the transportation sector.  And, we need to manage Oregon emissions now to address the immediate public health impacts.  With Oregon’s commitment to the global Climate Alliance and business on board as shown in the recent Oregonian editorial, we have the momentum now to move forward.  Let’s not let short sighted political maneuverings step us backwards when the rest of the world is marching forward.




Mike, Jacob, Annie



Contact: (please leave your return phone number)

Rep. Deborah Boone: Rep.DeborahBoone@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1432

Sen. Betsy Johnson, Sen.BetsyJohnson@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1716

Rep. David Gomberg: Rep.DavidGomberg@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1410

Senator Arnie Roblan: Sen.ArnieRoblan@oregonlegislature.gov, 503-986-1705


Some lawmakers are withholding votes on other priorities to score political points at the expense of what’s best for Oregon. What’s being sold by oil lobbyists as a “compromise” on clean fuels is actually a sophisticated, purposeful dismantling of one of our state’s signature clean air laws. The proposal is a big oil wishlist to repeal and replace the Clean Fuels Standard with a harmful policy to protect oil profits.

We must stand up to out-of-state interests and protect Oregon’s climate programs! With Trump’s agenda working to dismantle laws that protect clean air and water, we can’t allow the same thing to happen in Oregon.

Let your legislator know you will not stand for Trump’s agenda here in Oregon.


Tera Hurst
Executive Director
Renew Oregon