Rev. Ketcham

Sunday November 12

The service will be led by Rev. Ketcham.  “The Evolution of Spiritual Experience” Research into the nature of spiritual experience has revealed that our spiritual lives evolve out of our emotional responses, both positive and negative. Rev. Kit Ketcham will speak about the foundations of human spirituality: love, joy, pain, fear, and more. Frank Logan will be our service leader. The monthly potluck at the Masonic Temple across the street will follow the service.

Sunday October 8

The service will be led by Rev. Ketcham: “Come On Up to the House”.  Most world religions list Hospitality as one of their primary tenets:  welcoming the stranger, caring for the stranger, saving the stranger’s life.  Yet we often see rejection, discrimination, and outright hate expressed toward those who are different.  This is particularly problematic in our increasingly diverse world.   Bree Heavenrich will sing the Tom Waits song that is the title of the service.

The monthly potluck will follow the service.

Sunday September 24

Kit Ketcham, Nancy Cook, and David Ambrose will share their UU Journeys.

September 10: Water Ceremony

We return to the normal UU service format with the Water Ceremony.  This is a traditional UU ritual where we celebrate the beginning of the new Fellowship year with a Homecoming theme, marked by this special ceremony.  For the Water Ceremony, folks are encouraged to bring a small amount of water which represents some spiritual … Continued

Sunday August 13 2017

Discussion topic change: “in light of the events in Charlottesville, we will be discussing our feelings and our thoughts about the violence and death that came at the hands of racist white supremacists.”  Kit Ketcham.   See “Summer Services” in the Worship menu for the format.

Sunday July 9 2017

Discussion topic “Politics and PUUF: What is the role of political discussion in a religious setting?” Presented by Kit Ketcham & Frank Logan. See “Summer Services” in the Worship menu for the format and for a link to a UUA document about the IRS rules for religious organizations whose actions are often influenced by political issues and candidates.

Sunday June 11

10:30 a.m. (note the change of time for this one Sunday only), a Service of Welcome to which Astoria Pride participants are invited.  It will be a service of songs, stories, and being together in love and respect. We will hear from members and friends whose lives have been changed by their deep desire to … Continued