MINISTER: Rev. Elizabeth (Kit) KetchamKit Ketcham

I came to the North Coast in August of 2012 after serving the Whidbey Island UU congregation for nine years.  I thought I was retired, but it turned out I had more to give and was invited (or did I invite myself?) to offer pastoral care, a monthly sermon, and help with congregational structure, as PUUF grew larger and stronger.  I was the first minister to serve PUUF who was able to live in the area, rather than commuting from Portland or other large city, and I think that has been the key to PUUF’s growth.  We have approximately doubled our membership in the past few years and have increased our service to the community and to each other.


BOARD, elected officers for 2017-2018:

PRESIDENT: Tara GeraciTara Geraci

I moved to the coast from the Tacoma/Olympia area with my husband in May of 2014. We love it out here and have found our forever home. With my son in college and stepping away from the city and a demanding career, I’m finally at a place to redirect my time and energy to spiritual growth, community involvement and social activism.  I never thought I would find myself in a church again, but after much research on Unitarian Universalist, I found PUUF and happy to say I have found my spiritual home. The UU faith and our PUUF congregation fit perfect with my liberal, open minded, love of all people and our planet value system. I feel complete love during our services and outside activities and at this time of social/political division, it has become a necessity in my life. I am excited for the upcoming year as your Board President and hope to continue building our PUUF family, increasing our community and environmental projects and providing energy and leadership for our congregation.  I’ll end with one of my favorite UU statements: Love is the doctrine of this church; the quest for truth is its sacrament and service is its prayer.


Peggy Bondurant

VICE PRESIDENT: Peggy Bondurant

I have lived in Astoria for over 40 years.  I have worked here and raised children here.  I had been searching for a spiritual community for many of those years.  I visited many churches in the area but I didn’t like being put into a box labeled “you must believe this.”  I had tried the Unitarian Universalists a few times but they didn’t seem ‘churchy’ enough.  I was afraid they would make me be too political.  Then I read The Seven Principles again and I finally decided that I wanted to be a UU. Once I made that decision the rest was easy.  I believe in everything that we stand for and that makes being political necessary.  I am proud to be a Unitarian Universalist.


SECRETARY: Jimmy Pearson

I remember my first service in a UU church.  I knew I had found a place where my view of religion made sense.  My favorite part of every service is lighting the chalice.  It is the moment when I feel most at peace.  Chaos may be reigning all around me and yet the flame settles my soul.  I traveled to Astoria with my wife Monica on vacation in 2016 because of her love of the Goonies.  I enjoy many roles in my life, father, husband, son, grandfather, librarian.  I am the proud father of Aaron, Jacob, David, and my first daughter Allison. I am retired from the Army and have served in many places.  Standing on the DMZ in Korea I understood freedom for the first time in my life. I will do my best and look forward to helping our congregation grow.


TREASURER: Ellen NorrisEllen Norris

I am a retired teacher.  In retirement I have been treasurer and/or webmaster for a variety of non-profits; each has presented its own challenges.  I am enjoying the new challenges presented by PUUF.  I grew up in northern New York State, lived for many years each in Connecticut and North Carolina, lived briefly in six other states, and then moved to Astoria in 2015.  I love it here, and intend to stay!